Taiwan 2017: The Art of Sanyi

I am in Sanyi at the moment, my mother’s hometown in Taiwan. This is the place she grew up in, the daughter of the mayor and a much beloved school teacher. It’s a very different world from my own, and I am a bit adrift here, being too foolish to speak Chinese well. I have my mother though, to navigate the mandarin and hakka.

This experience is not unlike my time in Spain a few summers ago. Linares and Sanyi are agricultural small towns with a history of mining work. Both have beautified themselves with street art. My exploration of Belin’s work Linares deserves its own exploration, but here is where I will put out some of what I’ve seen walking around here so far.

My grandmother’s house is very close to the 3D stairs that lead up to the local elementary school. I’m fortunate to be able to wander around and enjoy the sights in closer proximity.

There is one particular mural I would like to honor. It is a long beautiful one that wraps around a church. The details are so lovely, and are good enough as standalone pieces.

Thank you for checking this out! I’ll try to keep this blog updated.


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