Taiwan 2017: The Nature of Sanyi

Mom and I have always liked long walks when traveling, no big plans necessarily, just the spontaneous adventure of seeing what there is in the world. This particular one also came by chance, the things we’d intended to see were closed. We decided to go on an impromptu walk around the mountains. Unfortunately the You Tong Hua weren’t in bloom yet, trees with white flowers that fall so thickly it looks like snow.

Sanyi is such a beautiful place, lush with greenery and perfect for growing things. It is pretty common for people to have their own gardens or plots of land, and we saw a lot of those on the path, small farms and people working the earth. There was one estate growing cherry blossoms in their sizable yard, overlooked by a fancy house with large glass windows. We passed by a cemetery, a field of flowers, the abandoned stone statue bases of a temple, and spotted a very long dark earthworm moving its little wormy way across the road. There is such delight to be found in the details and in the grand scheme of things.


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