Taiwan 2017: The Joye Homestay

I’ve been to Joye only once before when I was younger, and it was one place I really wanted to visit on this trip. It’s a bed and breakfast place up in the mountains, full of lush greenery and flowing water. Koi fish live in their ponds and an organic vegetarian restaurant overlooks a larger pond with mandarin and mallard ducks. Cats and bunnies can wander freely. Roosters and turkeys share a hutch with other rabbits together. There is such artistry in Joye’s construction and aesthetics, such a beautiful sense of calm and serenity. I could imagine many a lovely honeymoon  spent here.

The other charm of Joye is the indigo dye. Large pots of natural blue ink are at the ready for guests to color pieces of cloth from scarves to backpacks. I really was hoping to do this, but unfortunately my mother’s friend wanted to leave after our hot pot lunch and side dishes. It was set to rain that afternoon, and a fog descended over the mountain road. The trees in silhouette through the clouds were a wonderful, ghostly sight.


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