Taiwan 2017: Taipei Night Markets

After Sanyi, mom and I took the train to see one of her aunts in Taipei. We got there and met up with her for dinner at a restaurant called Cha for Tea, a chain in which everything is tea or cooked with tea. We had a tasty selection, and wrapped that up with matcha ice cream. It was very, very cool.

After that, mom and I were left to our own devices. We walked around, saw Taipei 101 in the distance, and interesting shops on the way. The night markets in Taipei are one of the most popular and famous attractions of Taiwan, where food and product vendors light up the streets. It’s an awesome place to people watch and try new things, like sugar glazed strawberries and sugar cane juice. Alas, I didn’t have the stomach for the fried things after dinner, but they smelled amazing.

There were pickpocket warnings around this one, but everything was fine. It’s a good time if you’re careful.

Apparently there is a night market in Sanyi too, but it was raining on the night it was supposed to happen and it wasn’t much after all. I’ll have to see next time.


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